Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finding Satisfaction

I have been debating about whether or not to post this or not, but I really feel the Lord has laid this on my heart for a reason and that I should share it with others. So this is me...being vulnerable...but trusting that the Lord will use my vulnerability to help others. Here goes nothing!

So, it's true...I'm almost 19 and I have never been kissed before, much less ever dated anyone before. And honestly, most of the time, I'm ok with that. I'm even proud of that sometimes. I mean how many people can say that? But at the same time, I find myself often desiring a relationship. But over the years, I have come realize that no relationship here on earth will fully satisfy us. Whether it be friendships or a relationship with a guy or whoever, we are people and we will fall short and let each other down. We desire this perfect relationship with the perfect love but no one seems to come close to fulfilling our deepest desires. But wait...there IS someone who loves us perfectly and unconditionally, his name is Jesus. He came and sacrificed his life so that we could live. Even though we fall short and we don't meet his standards of perfection, he LOVES us soo much that he would give his life for us so that those shortcomings and failures of ours don't separate us from God. Only true satisfaction can be found in Jesus, not in your best friend or your boyfriend or any other relationship. When you find yourself sooo desiring a relationship, remember that that desire ultimately stems from our desire for Jesus. So as we seek love through many different ways, nothing can satisfy us except for the redemptive love of Christ. No guy can fill the void in our heart that is meant for God. We should seek the ONE (God) while waiting for the TWO (that guy).

I have learned that the Lord can teach me so much in my singleness, so be content and satisfied in Him during this time and listen for his guiding voice. It's hard...I know. I have been there, but I have also come to the point that I would much rather be single and in the will of God than dating and outside of God's will. It's been a journey coming to that conclusion, but I trust that the Lord has a plan for my life that far exceeds any plan that I could come up with. Handing over the pen to my love story is hard, but I know the Lord is faithful.