Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Girl is from FLORIDA....

First off...when I moved up to Alabama to attend Samford, I knew the seasons were going to be much different than what I was used to....BUT, I did not realize how different they actually would be. You see, in Florida, I actually enjoyed the cool 70 degree fall weather and was looking forward to fall up here, with one small difference, the leaves changing colors. What I did not realize was that fall up here, was more like "winter" in Florida. What would be perfect is the 70 degree Florida temperature, with the Alabama trees that actually change colors. Maybe they are just experiencing a colder fall than normal, but if this is fall...winter is going to be a whole new experience for me. Warning: I may look like an eskimo the first real cold day that we have. On the plus side, I can see some winter clothes shopping happening in the not too distant future.

Here are some more photos from recent happenings up here...ENJOY!

 (( Taylor and I at the Phi Mu tailgate ))
(( Home on fall break with Meredith! ))
(( My awesome BIG and TWIN! Love ya'll! )) 
 (( My massive family!! Next year, we are going to be HUGE! ))
 (( I started an Instagram account just for the stuff that I make/sell! Go follow it: @asimpleseam ))
(( Lately, all the BIGS around Samford have been requesting that I embroider their blankets for their LITTLES! Love the business! Keep it coming! $10 per monogrammed/embroidered item  ))

Hope ya'll are having a good week! Only TWO days til FRIDAY!!!! Be excited!

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