Wednesday, October 23, 2013

This Girl is from FLORIDA....

First off...when I moved up to Alabama to attend Samford, I knew the seasons were going to be much different than what I was used to....BUT, I did not realize how different they actually would be. You see, in Florida, I actually enjoyed the cool 70 degree fall weather and was looking forward to fall up here, with one small difference, the leaves changing colors. What I did not realize was that fall up here, was more like "winter" in Florida. What would be perfect is the 70 degree Florida temperature, with the Alabama trees that actually change colors. Maybe they are just experiencing a colder fall than normal, but if this is fall...winter is going to be a whole new experience for me. Warning: I may look like an eskimo the first real cold day that we have. On the plus side, I can see some winter clothes shopping happening in the not too distant future.

Here are some more photos from recent happenings up here...ENJOY!

 (( Taylor and I at the Phi Mu tailgate ))
(( Home on fall break with Meredith! ))
(( My awesome BIG and TWIN! Love ya'll! )) 
 (( My massive family!! Next year, we are going to be HUGE! ))
 (( I started an Instagram account just for the stuff that I make/sell! Go follow it: @asimpleseam ))
(( Lately, all the BIGS around Samford have been requesting that I embroider their blankets for their LITTLES! Love the business! Keep it coming! $10 per monogrammed/embroidered item  ))

Hope ya'll are having a good week! Only TWO days til FRIDAY!!!! Be excited!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Music Video Edition

So, I really like I thought for this week, I would share three music videos that I love! Hope you enjoy them!

So I absolutely LOVE Rend Collective Experiment!!! I first saw them at a Chris Tomlin concert and I have loved them since then. This music video just makes me really happy. I love the quirkiness of the video and the lyrics are so amazing! Despite what is going on in this world, the Lord is there for us to run fast and free to. He is our in his presence. My favorite song from them is "You are My Vision," it is a remake of the hymn "Be Thou My Vision." I LOVE IT! (( Oh and they are Irish, which makes them even cooler ))

Kari Jobe's voice is just heavenly to start with. But this has been one of my favorite songs over the years. It's message is so good..."Even when it hurts, even when it's hard, even when it all just falls apart, I will run to you because I know that you are the lover of my soul, healer of my scars..You steady my heart." So encouraging when things just don't go as I want them to.

"Hallelujah, we are free to struggle! We're not struggling to be free! Your blood bought and makes us children!" This lyric video is just really cool and impressive to start with. But even more so, the lyrics are so powerful! All of Tenth Avenue North's songs are so amazing and always speak to me.

Hope you like these videos as much as I do! And Fall Break is this weekend and I cannot wait to be home and see people!!! This week cannot go by any slower though...

Have a good rest of the week!! Just remember...tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's Been Awhile!

So, it has been way too long since I last posted!! So much has happened during that time!! I have been so busy with school and other events and activities that I just haven't had time to sit down and type a new post! I really am hoping to post more, but I do need to get into a better routine first. Things are finally settling in around here. Classes are going well...I am just REALLY busy with assignments and essays and papers and tests are starting to happen. Sometimes it feels extremely overwhelming...but I know that the Lord has a plan for me in all of this. I have been able to learn how to better manage my time, learn how to say no (this is really hard for me), and learn how to take a break sometimes.

It has been about one month since move-in day and I honestly don't know where these past 4 weeks have gone. So many wonderful memories have been made and I have made so many great friends already. I made 23 pocket tees (yes...23!!) for my hall, 1 East over Labor Day weekend! Since then, I feel like all of the freshman girls, even others, have come to find out that there is a girl who monograms on campus, which they are all really excited about! While I haven't had many orders yet, the orders are starting to come in more frequently now...which means even better time management on my part. Taking 18 credit hours and making pocket tees on the side might just be too much, but school is my first priority. Sewing is a stress reliever for me though, so it is nice to make some pocket tees on the weekend. But there is only so much one girl can do!

(23 pockets later...)

 I also went through Recruitment and I got a bid from Phi Mu! Sooo excited about this ya'll!! The Lord really directed me there and I cannot wait to see his plan unfold! There are several Phi Mu's in Pharmacy School and they have already encouraged me and helped me out so much! What a blessing! I already feel such a connection with so many girls! I made my outfit for Bid Bash, I was Minnie Mouse! I wore a black shirt and black leggings and made a red and white polka-dotted skirt (which will also be perfect for gameday!) I made ears for me and another girl that I went with! I really loved how it turned out!
(Katie and I on the Phi Retreat!)
(Delaney, Margaret, and I also on the Phi Retreat!)
(Delaney and I as Mickey and Minnie Mouse for Bid Bash!)
(Family Weekend with my parents! It was soo good to see them!)
(Taylor and I on game day during Family Weekend!) 

I am working on the Etsy store some more, trying to fix a few problems. Pocket tees will be added soon (when that is, I don't schedule is so crazy!) so be looking for those! In the meantime, message our Facebook page if you would like to place an order (especially if you go to Samford!)