Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby Bulldog!

I survived my first week of college!! And it was amazing! Connections weekend was great...but REALLY busy. We had ice cream at the President's house, a Hometown Throwdown, a night out in Birmingham, a Lecrae concert, and a lot more! It was great to meet new people and I have loved getting to know them. Classes started Monday and were a lot of work, but overall really good. I seriously live in the library already though. I need to find a spot and claim it for the next 6 years! As I type that, it seems like forever from now, but I know that it will go by a lot faster. Friday and Saturday, I went on the Freshmin Retreat with University Ministries. It was so great, but I ended up more tired after I got back then before I left. I wouldn't have changed a thing so far about college though. Despite it's craziness, being a baby bulldog is so great and I can't wait to experience more of college and Birmingham. I also visited The Church of Brook Hills today and loved it!! Can't wait to go back next Sunday!

Any recommendations of fun stuff to do or places to go in Birmingham?

Here are some pictures from this past week's events!
 Hodges Chapel
 Connections Group 25 for life!
 View of Samford from the President's house
 Lecrae Concert
 First Day of College!!
 Studying on the Quad!
 Toy Story 3 on the Quad!
 Roasting Marshmallows at the FRESHmin Retreat!