Thursday, July 25, 2013

Three Things Thursday: Pattern Edition

While I do love a good pattern, such as polka dots or stripes, this week's edition of TTT is about 3 patterns that I have and will be using in the coming weeks!!

1. Tiny Pocket Tank 
          by: Grainline Studio
As I type this, my fabric for this adorable tank is cut and ready to go! Can't wait to share with ya'll what my version will look like!

Anyways, the thing that I love about this pattern is that you can download it as a PDF, print it out and begin sewing it without ever leaving your house (that is if you have 2 yards of fabric around). Also, it is pretty inexpensive for a nice pattern with very thorough instructions.

(( As a side note, the pattern leaves out the step of sewing the shoulders together...this would go right after you sew the sides up. ))

This pattern can be found HERE.

2. Scout Woven Tee 
          by: Grainline Studio
I can't wait to get started on this pattern, also by Grainline Studio. Again, this pattern is downloaded as a PDF and can be printed immediately. It is the same price as the Tiny Pocket Tank and very similar in style, but without the pocket and with sleeves.

I found some Samford colored fabric (red and navy) the other day at a local fabric store and grabbed two yards of it for this shirt. Maybe I can get started on this sometime in the next week or so.

This pattern can be found HERE.

3. Sorbetto
          by: Colette Patterns

Guys...this pattern is FREE!!! And it is oh so cute!! It seriously looks like it came out of a cutesy boutique. A friend of mine, who is also a sewing enthusiast, recommended this pattern to me and I am so glad she did!

I have yet to find the perfect fabric to make this out of, but I have been looking. I really like the solid coral color pictured, so I might do something like that, but we'll see.

This pattern can be found HERE.

Have you used any of these patterns? Or are any of you hoping to make one sometime? Leave a comment!! I would love to hear what you have to say about these patterns :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dorm Suite Dorm

So, the past couple of days my future roommate, Breanna, has been in town visiting me! It's been so much fun and I am soo excited to move-in!! To get our dorm room ready, we made a couple of things to help tie in the colors of our room! 
Just to start off, we made 3 trips to Hobby Lobby in 3 days as well as 1 trip to Hancock's.....but it was all worth it. Anyways, we decided to make monogram canvases to hang above each of our beds. I just love how they turned out too :) Both of our favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11, so naturally we had to make a canvas to hang in our room! Although the chevron took some time to tape off, I really love the outcome. We were planning on bringing my mini ironing board with us, but we just didn't like the cover very well so we made our own using Sew Caroline's tutorial on the blog Rags to Stitches HERE. Super quick and easy to make! And of course, more pillows were necessary and were also made using a Sew Caroline tutorial HERE. Last but not least, we made a Bedside Caddy (Designed by Kerry Smith) in the Stitch Magazine (can be purchased HERE). I can't wait to share with ya'll pictures once we finally do move in!

I am soo thankful that Breanna and I got to spend some time together before we move-in. I know that this next year is going to be busy but great! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Three Things Thursday: College Packing Edition

So, with my move-in date being only 35 days away, I thought for this week's Three Things Thursday, I would feature some of the products that will be making a home in my cozy little dorm room. Can't believe it's this close already!! Just seems like yesterday I was entering high school.

1. Kate Spade Comforter
Found HERE from Bed, Bath, & Beyond
I was originally planning on making my own comforter for my dorm room, mainly because I couldn't find anything that I really loved....BUT then I found this one and I fell in love!! I love the flowers on one side and the polka dots on the other :) Instead of buying matching pillows, I decided to make my own based off of Sew Caroline's tutorial. (( I also made one more solid one not pictured ))

2. Ikea Lap desk 

Found HERE.
When looking for a lap desk, I was having a hard time finding one that didn't look super cheap or was way too expensive. This lap desk was only $9.99...too good of an offer to pass up on a lap desk that didn't look cheap and was super cute!! Don't you just love the polka dots?! I sure do!!

3. My Sewing Machine :)
I have a Husqvarna Viking Huskystar C10 found HERE.
Don't worry...I will be bringing my sewing machine with me to college!! I hope to have some spare time with my busy schedule (might I add includes 8 AM's every was by choice though) to get some sewing done and to begin working on some tutorials for the blog. Sewing is my therapy. When I am stressed or confused or sad or HAPPY...I sew :) I LOVE it and I hope that you do too (or that I inspire you to!). 

As a sorry that it is late late Thursday night, but my roommate is in town and we have been sewing and crafting like crazy! Can't wait to share with ya'll what we have made!!! It is still Thursday...even if only for a few more minutes :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New Blog Design!!!

I am SOO excited about this new blog design!! Doesn't it look great?! I came across Bella Lulu Ink on Etsy one day and I just fell in LOVE with her designs!! I began talking with Chelsea, the brains behind it all, about the blog and the whole process began. Although I have never really done any work like this with anyone before, Chelsea was quick with getting proofs to me and really helped me put what I had envisioned into her designs. Take a look at her designs!! She has a wide range of possibilities from pre-made, ready-to-be-installed blogs to custom work, or  even A La Carte options. Go check out her Etsy store HERE!!

Anyways, I hope you are having a fantastic Tuesday!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while! I have been traveling around yet again! I have also been sew busy with some orders from my friends for various things for their dorm rooms or for college in general. For my dorm room, I have made pillows for my bed and I am working on a t-shirt quilt with some of my high school shirts! I am excited to work on some other things that I have in mind for my room! (( my dorm room colors are actually the same as the blog and I didn't even plan it...guess I really like coral and teal! )) I will be back again on Thursday for THREE THINGS THURSDAY!!! This week I will be sharing 3 things that I will be bringing with me to college!! I am moving in at Samford in 37 DAYS!!! Say what?!?!? I can't believe it's already that close!!

Oh, and be looking for a GIVEAWAY soon!!!