Friday, April 26, 2013

Schoolhouse Tunic: What a great pattern!

First, let me just say that this pattern is great! It is easy to follow and understand, especially for someone who has just begun using patterns (that's me!). One recommendation...actually take measurements. I just kinda guesstimated what my size would be based on what I normally wear, and I really wish I had gone up a size. Other than that, this is a great pattern for someone looking for A SIMPLE SEAM to sew (see what I did there ;)). No buttons...just piecing the pattern together. I will definitely be making more of these over the summer, especially when the craziness of senior year with AP tests, grad parties, graduation, finals, etc.. is over. On a side note, I am soo looking forward to attending Samford University in the fall!! I have a roommate already and a few friends from my school are also going there, so needless to say...I CAN'T WAIT!! Any advice about transitioning from high school to college would be greatly appreciated! Just leave a comment below :) Can't wait for the summer to get here so I can get started on some dorm room projects!! I plan on making a duvet cover, pillows, a desk chair cover, and probably some other little things for my room! I will definitely be posting pics as I make them :)

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