Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pepper Place Market

I cannot believe that I am 2 weeks into my sophomore year of college! So much has happened in the past two weeks and I have loved every moment of it! It's good to be back in Birmingham! Today, a couple of awesome new friends of mine went to the Alabama Biscuit Company and the Pepper Place Market and it was amazing! It was so good to hang out with some old friends and to make some new ones as well! Here are some fun pictures of our morning! 

My wonderful Pecan Butter and Honey Biscuit!! So delicious!     
  Showing off my Big Tote Bag at the market! It was perfect for throwing all of our little finds in there! 
 Our first picture together after being friends for a year! Took way too long to get, but I am so thankful for this sweet girl! Love you Page!
Some of the sweetest new friends!

I can already tell we are going to be coming back many more times this semester! Love ya'll so much already! Looking forward to a wonderful year together! 

"...a sweet friendship refreshes the soul." Proverbs 27:9 (MSG)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guest Post: Maggie Parsons

Hey everyone! I would love to welcome Maggie to my little blog space today!! I absolutely love her heart for the Lord and her passion for missions! Go check out her blog (link in her post)! 
Hi! My name is Maggie, I'm sixteen and have a passion for missions. I would like to thank Hannah for inviting me to write a guest post on her blog, it truly means a lot! Thank you! I write a blog too, it not on crafts such as Hannah's is, its really just me sharing my life and my love for Jesus. Hannah and I both share a love of two things, Jesus and crafts. So, thats what this guest post is on, Jesus and big craft projects. One project in particular that I'm going to talk about is a huge painting I finished a few months ago. 

Yep! That's it! It took me awhile to finish it, but let me tell you the story behind it. I have know ever since I was eleven years old that I was called to missions. I've been on five trips, three to Mexico, two to China, and I also have an upcoming trip to India this November. Two years ago a began going to a missions class called Perspectives. That class has forever changed my perspective (it is most certainly properly named) on the world of missions and has opened my eyes so much. They share with us a lot of statistics about the unreached people of the world. By unreached I mean the people who have never heard the name of Jesus, the lost. One statistic in particular really stuck with me and broke my heart. In the world currently, there are 2.8 billion people who have never received the Gospel. EVER. If you were to walk up to one of these people and start talking about Jesus they wouldn't have the slightest idea of who you are talking about. 2.8 billion, thats a big number. Honestly though for so many people, thats all it is, a big number. It hard for almost anyone to visualize something that big. So, God placed it on my heart to make a visual of this statistic, to bring that big number to life. If you take 2.8 billion and divide that by 1 million, you get 2,800. So, if you look back at my painting, thats how many dots there are surrounding the world map.That means that every dot you see represents 1 MILLION lost, broken, and hurting people. How does that statistic hit you now? My hope is that you really feel the weigh of it. I pray that you fully see the need that there is till left in the world. I ask that you begin to pray for those 2.8 billion to know the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus. If your interested about learning more about the unreached visit, They have a site full of resources, information, and more statistics. Also, if you would like to check out my blog, visit
Thank you again Hannah for this opportunity and thank you to everyone who read this. Have a wonderful day!
You are so welcome Maggie, and thank YOU! The Joshua Project website that she mentioned also has an app for your phone that highlights a different unreached people groups every day! It's such a great resource! I use it to pray daily for those that are lost and do not know Jesus. Please check it out as well as Maggie's blog! Have a great day! 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zipper Pouch Craziness!

Hello again!! Way back to sometime my Junior year of high school (I think...) I began sewing a lot more frequently! Thanks to the help of Pinterest, I easily found quite the variety of tutorials from apparel to accessories and much more. One of my very first projects, other than some quilts that I had made, was a zipper pouch! Now zippers aren't usually the best thing to sew right off the bat...they can be a bit tricky. But I didn't let that stop me!! I went ahead and bought some zippers and got the hang of it after a couple of tries! One of the biggest things that is helpful in sewing a zipper is a zipper foot. Go get one if you don't have one already! It's worth it!

Anyways, I have picked up the zipper pouch fever again, with some extra features! Today I just decided to wing it and I came up with the cutest little ruffled zipper pouch...and then 3 more, haha! These little pouches are sooo useful and the ruffle just makes it extra cute! Hope you like them! (( I might eventually make a tutorial for them! ))

 (Made for my future "little sister" in Phi Mu!)
Fabric: Ladybugs-Robert Kaufman 
Black- Hobby Lobby
Pencil Case size
Fabric: Teal- Hobby Lobby
Medallion- unavailable now :(
Another Pencil Case size
Fabric: Teal- Hobby Lobby
Pink Geometric- similar
My favorite!! 
Fabric: Spring House collection by Stephanie Ryan
(hard to find now)

Hope you like them as much as I do!! T-minus 13 days until I head back to Samford!! And I CANNOT wait! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pattern Review: The Big Tote Bag

So after like 6 months of silence....I'm back!! I'm not quite sure if it was the business of the semester or what, but I just couldn't dedicate time to all that was going on AND this little blog. My posts will still probably be few for now, but I'm ok with that.

So this summer has also been far busier than I ever imagined! I have been studying for hours a day for the PCAT (for pharmacy school!!) and working out and squeezing in sewing a little bit here and there when I get the chance. One of my favorite patterns this summer so far has been The Big Tote Bag pattern by Abby from the blog Things for Boys. Let me tell you...this is such a great pattern!!! I have made two so far and am soo pleased with them! Abby gives great, easy-to-follow instructions with lots of pictures! The first one I made has been a great bag for me to throw all of my study materials for the PCAT in and take with me to Starbucks. It has also been a great bag to take to the farmer's market! Lots of room!

For the first bag, I found the outer fabric at a local fabric store and the lining at Hobby Lobby! Both fabrics are duck cloth and give the bag a little more structure. Rather than interfacing, I used canvas and I am very pleased with the results! Just make sure to be careful going over the seams, they tend to get pretty thick.

For the second bag (made for my sister-in-law), she chose these wonderful coordinating prints from Hobby Lobby as well (Stripes and Anchors) and I absolutely love them!! And the stripes match up perfectly!! Another great feature about this bag is it is reversible!! Abby has a great tutorial for a pocket on the inside (or outside) as well as a zipper divider pocket. However, if you do the zipper pocket, the bag won't be reversible. I am looking forward to trying the pocket on the next bag I make!! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Recent Sewing Projects

Hey! So I know the primary focus of this blog is sewing, but I have failed to post anything that I have sewn in a while (partly due to the fact that I haven't had as much time to sew during the semester). Since I have been home on break though, I have managed to get some sewing done so I thought I would share a few pictures with ya'll. There will be more pictures coming soon but here is a sneak peek! Enjoy!!
Pajamas for my nieces and nephews! (( I used THIS tutorial for the pants and I did the pocket tees myself. ))
Another Tiny Pocket Tank (without the pocket) from Grainline Studio's pattern found HERE. Highly recommend this pattern! 

Lots and lots of monogrammed pocket tees were made during the semester!! These are some of my favorites! (( Still working on getting the Etsy store up and running! ))

Before heading back to school, I am planning on making a quilt for my niece using THIS tutorial! Cannot wait to get my fabric that I ordered for it in the mail!! I also am going to try to make a Wiksten Tova, a Staple Dress, and maybe a Mathilde Blouse!! Oh and several pocket tees!! Can't wait to share these with ya'll!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Finding Satisfaction

I have been debating about whether or not to post this or not, but I really feel the Lord has laid this on my heart for a reason and that I should share it with others. So this is me...being vulnerable...but trusting that the Lord will use my vulnerability to help others. Here goes nothing!

So, it's true...I'm almost 19 and I have never been kissed before, much less ever dated anyone before. And honestly, most of the time, I'm ok with that. I'm even proud of that sometimes. I mean how many people can say that? But at the same time, I find myself often desiring a relationship. But over the years, I have come realize that no relationship here on earth will fully satisfy us. Whether it be friendships or a relationship with a guy or whoever, we are people and we will fall short and let each other down. We desire this perfect relationship with the perfect love but no one seems to come close to fulfilling our deepest desires. But wait...there IS someone who loves us perfectly and unconditionally, his name is Jesus. He came and sacrificed his life so that we could live. Even though we fall short and we don't meet his standards of perfection, he LOVES us soo much that he would give his life for us so that those shortcomings and failures of ours don't separate us from God. Only true satisfaction can be found in Jesus, not in your best friend or your boyfriend or any other relationship. When you find yourself sooo desiring a relationship, remember that that desire ultimately stems from our desire for Jesus. So as we seek love through many different ways, nothing can satisfy us except for the redemptive love of Christ. No guy can fill the void in our heart that is meant for God. We should seek the ONE (God) while waiting for the TWO (that guy).

I have learned that the Lord can teach me so much in my singleness, so be content and satisfied in Him during this time and listen for his guiding voice. It's hard...I know. I have been there, but I have also come to the point that I would much rather be single and in the will of God than dating and outside of God's will. It's been a journey coming to that conclusion, but I trust that the Lord has a plan for my life that far exceeds any plan that I could come up with. Handing over the pen to my love story is hard, but I know the Lord is faithful.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Hello, Fall!

Fall is in full swing here in Birmingham and thankfully the temperatures this week were more like fall than the wintery temperatures of last week. This past Saturday, my hall went to the pumpkin patch at Old Baker's Farm. It was so beautiful and perfect! We had a lot of fun picking out pumpkins and bringing them back to decorate our hall with. I also wore my tiny pocket tank (( sans the pocket )) that I made from Grainline Studios' pattern several months ago! Great pattern and easy to sew! The colors of the fabric that I chose are just too perfect for fall! Here are some pictures from our fun trip!

 (( my roommate and RA ))

(( some of the lovely girls on my hall ))

(( my beautiful, big pumpkin!! ))

Hope ya'll are enjoying fall as much as I am! I got some fabric in the mail today so be on the lookout for a dress (I still haven't decided what I am going to make yet, but it will most likely be a dress!)